What products, services and expertise does the company offer to Irish business?

What products, services and expertise does the company offer to Irish business?
IT solutions and networking company, Arkphire was accredited as Ireland’s first Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller in 2017. This certification allows Arkphire to team up with other specialist Apple Mobility Partners to offer and support customised Mobile Device Management solutions built around Apple iOS devices and the portfolio of applications developed for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.
The launch of this service is part of Arkphire’s goal to empower businesses and their respective field sales and service agents in particular. Arkphire is also responding to the needs of its customers, which include some of the leading US tech multinationals based in Ireland, that see the value in embracing modern mobile technologies that can address real-business challenges and transform the world of work.
Apple and Cisco have partnered to deliver the deepest level of visibility and control over network activity on iOS devices. Arkphire is the only Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller and Cisco Gold Partner in Ireland. Our high-skilled, certified engineers help businesses to transform their workforce with Apple devices and easily integrate iOS easily and securely into their network.
Modern enterprises need to start embracing transformative mobility to solve problems, create new revenue streams, reduce costs and empower their employees to embrace the app revolution. Apple technologies help enterprises to collaborate in innovative ways, giving teams a platform to build industry-changing apps and extending businesses’ capabilities with expert support.
What is the scale of the company, its Irish presence and its geographical coverage?
With offices in Dublin and London, we procure, supply, design, build and manage IT products, networks and solutions to customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Asian Pacific Continent (APAC). We are the trusted IT partner to some of world’s leading companies. In fact, 6 out of the 10 leading FDI multinationals in Europe, have chosen Arkphire as their preferred IT solution supplier.

Arkphire is now one of the fastest growing IT procurement companies in Europe with global capabilities through our strategic partnerships. Arkphire has grown by 470% and doubled our staff numbers in the last year.
What are the key trends in the markets in which the company operates and how is it responding?
The world of work is changing and we see great growth potential for both Arkphire and Apple to play its part in helping organisations embrace transformative digital and mobility technologies, including big data, augmented reality and internet of things to solve problems, create new revenue streams, reduce costs and empower their employees to embrace the app revolution.

Arkphire see a massive shift to a mobile work force within enterprise. The workplace is no longer where you go to work, it’s wherever you happen to be at any given moment. With Arkphire’s Apple enterprise solutions, we can provide a full end-to-end solution that will help our enterprise clients to transform the way their teams work, with powerful iOS solutions to empower employees and generate revenue.

Can you provide recent examples of practical applications of the company’s technology and systems in operation at Irish businesses, which illustrate the company’s skills and expertise?
Arkphire is the market leading expert in Apple technology. Our staff offer unrivalled expertise and experience in Apple solutions. Our Apple practice team provide consultancy services including; Apple ecosystem IT strategy, workflow optimisation, app development, device and network security, ready configured device deployment and support.

Arkphire’s Apple practice comprises of high-skilled and certified Apple experts in sales, technical, security and infrastructure. The goal of the team is to help business solve IT problems by embracing Apple enterprise solutions.

Some of the particular solutions we have seen a growth in this year, is our Apple DEP (Device Enrolment programme). DEP is a zero touch configuration solution that helps IT deploy and manage you Apple device securely in their network. Deploying and securely managing devices on to their network can be a costly an time consuming prospect to your business. Now with Apple’s DEP it has giving our customer back viable time they would spend set up and deploying devices to their staff.
What products and systems has the company recently developed for the Irish market?
Achieving the Apple ‘Authorised Enterprise Reseller’ has required significant investment in building Arkphire’s resources and professional skillsets, which includes a dedicated team of Apple specialists and a 24/7 help-desk support service. The newly launched and comprehensive Apple Enterprise all-in-one package, is designed to cover iOS device procurement, system set-up, security infrastructure, pre-built software apps, network integration and managed support services. Arkphire can also wrap the complete offering in a competitive lease financing package where required.
What are the key benefits for users from engaging the company?
Arkphire is the market leader in mobility transformation across EMEA and APAC. We enable enterprise customers to embrace Apple iPad, Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch and apps to drive business, increase efficiency and enhancing productivity. With Apple’s powerful, intuitive software, strong security and seamless integration, we help enterprises’ end users transform the way they work.

What distinguishes the company from its competitors?
We are the only Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller and Cisco Gold Partner in Ireland, specialising in deploying and managing Apple technologies. Our high-skilled, certified engineers help businesses to easily integrate iOS easily and securely into their network.
Arkphire is the value-added reseller of choice to the world’s leading multinationals by delivering mobility transformation solutions through the use of Apple technology and innovative, user-friendly apps. We look at our customers’ needs and try solve their day-to-day problems through Apple iOS devices and applications. We supply a full end-to-end solutions through Apple technologies in procurement, deployment, management, security, network integration, end user support and app development.